• Dr. Gail, Starseed

10th Alien (May 12th, 2021)

I had gone hiking with my two dogs when a praying mantis creature joined us on the trails. He was about eight feet tall, green with big dark oval shaped eyes.

After we finished hiking he struggled to fit in the car so he could ride back with us. We were about one hour from home so we had plenty of time to talk. This was a telepathic conversation. He said he had been captured by the military in the 1960-70 with his crew. They had the ability to escape but decided that they would stay & study humans. They stayed as long as they could tolerate the facility.

He then showed me my future.

I was helping the government communicate with aliens. I could do it remotely from home telepathic while talking to a government employee on the phone.

One day I had a phone call from them & they had captured my friend Neal (grasshopper descendent). I was upset so the military flew me there to see him. When I arrived they took me to Neal. The staff had forgotten that I could communicate telepathic. Neal told me he had been captured on purpose. This facility was mistreating the aliens & he was there to plan their escape. I had full access to the facility & could go to areas & communicate to his spaceship, so we planned his escape.

The staff & I made an agreement to release him because he was my friend. Neal & I knew he would only make it out the front door & they would capture him again. I had communicated this to his spaceship & they were prepared to beam him up at the front door.

It was successful. Neal made it back to his ship with all the information he needed about this area to help others escape later.

I was waiting in the break area when the escape took place. They came to me frantic asking if I knew anything; of course, I said no. I was then escorted out & returned home. I knew I would never be allowed back.

Wow! This my future?

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