• Dr. Gail, Starseed

12th Alien (May 14th, 2021)

Sandy showed up on my way to the beach for a weekend in the car while I was driving. She was a 6 foot cat-like, human face with a protruding jaw alien. She had a tan hairy body, regular human arms & hands, big legs & huge feet; a long thin tail with black markings. She had fur all over her like a cat the color of sand. Is that why her name is Sandy? She reminds me of Tony the tiger from the cereal commercials.

I asked her about her family. She said that they were asexual & everybody has 1-2 children with a 24 month pregnancy (now what do I call her; they are asexual & don’t use pronouns).They live in communities & they are expected to have at least one child. They consider this like a tour of duty in the military. They can not work or participate in rigorous activities while pregnant. If one of them can not get pregnant someone will volunteer to have a 2nd pregnancy. Due to them being asexual I forgot to ask how they got pregnant.

They do have dominant & passive personalities. The dominate personalities are your warriors, leaders, etc.; the passive stay in the community & keep it functioning & usually will volunteer for the 2nd pregnancy if needed. Both roles are considered equally important. They live a very simple life.

Sandy is dominant & is in the equivalent of our military.

She left when we arrived at the beach. I am amazed with how many different alien species there are & glad I got to meet Sandy.

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