• Dr. Gail, Starseed

13th Alien (May 16th 2021)

Monto showed up in my living room. He was in a human form but naked & he did not have genitals. His skin was a beautiful gold cellophane color that shimmered, no hair, no mouth & we communicated by telepath.

He led me up a ramp into a spaceship. I was so excited; 1st time on a spaceship!!! He took me to the cockpit that was the size of a helicopter with two seats. He sat me down in one of the seats & stood behind me (it was his seat). It was like sitting in an aquarium; I could see everything.

We took off into space; it was beautiful! We looked back at earth, moon, sun & the stars. We rode around for a while.

Monto then took me to another being on the spaceship that was dressed in a black cape with a hook over his head so I could not see his face. He took me to an area that had lots of old books & had the spaceships mechanics. This was the heart of ship. He let me look around; it was fascinating! Then he took me back to Monto. I had a feeling their were a lot more aliens on the ship but I did not see them.

We landed & went back to my living room. Monto told me their assignment was Spain but they were told to take me up in his spaceship.

What an experience!!!!! I could not have asked for anything more fun.

Later, I realized that I was on an orientation when I was on the spaceship.

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