• Dr. Gail, Starseed

4th Alien (May 4th, 2021)

There was another alien trying to contact me. He was not very pleasant to look at so I hesitated meeting him. I finally agreed to meet him on the bridge & stand beside him as we talked. I could not look at him; I kept my eyes forward looking at the water under the bridge.

His name was Carl. He was green & had skin that was rough & looked like a dinosaur. He could not sit down because of his enormous tail. He reminded me of the purple dinosaur Barney but this was not a children's character. He had very large feet & was about 7 feet tall. He had a very intimidating appearance.

We stood on the bridge & talked. He was very kind, gentle & easy to talk to. I started warming up to him & finally looked at him face to face. He had soft & gentle brown eyes in front of his head that made you feel very safe & comfortable. I was glad I had met him.

I now thought after meeting several aliens I needed to ask questions. I started asking questions about my business, family, etc. & mid sentence I looked at Carl & said these are stupid questions & apologized. He was kind & nodded yes.

I then asked him how many aliens are there? He said millions.

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