• Dr. Gail, Starseed

7th Alien (May 9th, 2021)

I saw a lady dressed in all white from the 18th century. She had a large white wig & a long white dress. She appeared to be at a dance. She looked at me & walked out so we could talk.

We walked away from town without saying a word & she turned into an alien. She was about 7 feet tall, all white & thin. Her head was wide & very narrow with only two eyes. No mouth & no nose.

She turned to me & took both my hands so we could communicate telepathy. Her hands were warm. She told me that the aliens I was meeting were my friends from the Galactic Counsel. I said I must have a lot of friends. She said yes & that I was well respected. She said sometimes I could have a sharp tongue but people listened & respected what I had to say.

I asked her about her family. We looked up to see 5 cute aliens in the clouds. I waived at them but they did not understand the gesture & just watched us. They were so CUTE!

Her name is Claire. I asked her when would I rejoin the counsel? She said I had many more earth years before I sat on the counsel again.

I liked her, she was very nice.

She left me outside of town as she went back to the dance.

I hope to find out more about Galactic Counsel.

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