• Dr. Gail, Starseed

8th Alien (May 10th, 2021)

A friend & I were visiting the local metaphysical store. We sat down in the waiting room talking to the owner. I had purchased two crystals that had called to me browsing through the store. One was a beautiful Aqua Aura Quartz.

While we were sitting & talking I felt the presence of someone to my left. I turned & looked in the doorway & there was a 6 foot tall, lean aqua colored alien. She took my breath away; it shocked me. She had small antlers out of her forehead that were also aqua with a scrunched up face. She was Not attractive. She was a very pretty color.

My friend kept asking if she was pretty. I did not want to hurt the alien's feelings; so I kept saying she is a pretty color. Then I realized that she was the color of the crystal I had just purchased. I pulled it out of my bag so everyone could see her color.

She finally started talking to me. Her name was Sally & it's her first time to earth. She knew the owner because she visit the store regularly. She started getting personal with me talking about my Dad who had past a year ago. I got upset & then she kept apologizing over & over again. My friend could not see her but the owner felt her presence. We were asking her questions but she did not want to talk about herself. My friend started talking; so Sally listened & she was mesmerized by the conversation. She was taking in every word. I was very quiet trying to listen to the conversation & figure out Sally. Then Sally left & I felt exhausted from the experience.

My friend & I left the store a little shocked from this event. I got into my car & Sally was there! She kept apologizing & said she was not supposed to get personal on our first meeting. She is new to earth & apologized over & over again. She stayed with me all day. Around 6:00 I noticed she had left. What an experience!

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