• Dr. Gail, Starseed

9th Alien (May 11th, 2021)

The next day I was exhausted from my visit with Sally & not ready to meet another alien. There was one trying to visit but I kept ignoring him. He kept coming back wanting to meet with me. Finally while I was in the shower he tried again. I told him to wait while I got dressed & I would talk to him.

This small gray creature started circling & whipping around me like an irritating nat. He was making faces at me trying to get me to laugh. I asked him if he was an octopus? Noooooo he said. I obviously had insulted him. ( I did think that was funny). He said I am a descendent of the squid. I then asked him if he was from the ocean? No Dah was his answer. Nothing like a sarcastic alien in your house!

He said he was sent to make me laugh after my day with Sally. He was the comedian of the group. He did make me laugh at him.

His name was Henry. He was a small 12 inch gray squid with a pink underbelly. He is from the ocean. He spent the day with me. I finally got used to his sarcastic remarks, funny faces, & the speed that he moved around me.

I was glad I had met him; but was ready for him to leave.

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