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Alien Baby Program

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

I was called for another mission in Chile. A woman was having twins by C-section & Clarice needed to give one of them blood & I was to take that baby to a spaceship.

This was a grey hybrid program. The woman had agreed to this program. She would have two children; both hybrids, one looked human & one looked grey. She would keep the human & the grey would go to a grey family. This was an infertility program that benefitted both.

The grey baby needed a transfusion for survival so we were to administer it upon delivery.

Clarice (grey hybrid) would provide the mixture & it was to be applied to the skin. (I wish we could receive blood, etc through our skin from a creme).

The next morning everything was in place to go on this mission. Clarice was with the babies & Monto picked me up in the spaceship & we went to Chile. The delivery room was in abandoned building that had superior technology & equipment we had not seen before. Clarice was in place for the delivery & the 1st baby out was the grey baby. She quickly put the creme on the baby & sent it up to me.

2 pound 7 oz, 12 in long baby grey boy. So cute!!!!!!

I thought I would get to hold this baby while we travelled to the big spaceship; but no, the mother receiving this baby was there immediately & took the baby. The mother was obviously a grey hybrid. She was about 5'2" & had some human features.

We arrived at the spaceship & I actually went out onto this spaceship. First time on the big spaceship! I met the other members of the family receiving the baby & there was Clarice. She was the new mother's sister. They were extremely happy & thankful. Monto & I left & he took me back home.

Clarice wanted to stay & watch the next delivery of the human grey but they would not let her so she was back home before me.

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