• Dr. Gail, Starseed

Alien Family Life (May 24th, 2021)

Sally; tall turquoise alien with antlers, 1st time on earth & makes funny mistakes. They have genders male/female & they get pregnant every time they have sex which is about every 3 months. The survival rate of the fetus is very low & they don’t get attached to it. It is like our menstrual cycles every 3 months & then sometimes, they are able to carry it to full term & have a baby.

You never hug her species because this is considered a sexual act. Their tongue will go into your ear & rupture the ear drum. Male/female are considered equal & don’t have gender work roles.

The retire elders take care of the young. If anyone else wants to take care of the children; they can retire young (male or female) & take care of them.

Carl, tall reptilian, green, very unattractive, & quiet. They have gender roles female domestic & male hunter/warrior. Some women are also hunter/warriors. They are considered an adult at age 30 & have multiple births usually 3. They only have one pregnancy unless they are royalty; which can have as many as they want.

They live in multiple generation quarters & live in a large community with many living quarters.

Mary the grey human hybrid generally has pregnancies the same as we do & live very similar to humans.

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