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Alien Rescue

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

This was a complicated rescue that required the help of a friend. This friend is an energy healer & her assignment was to go into the facility & prepare the escape of 4 aliens. She had to go into the facility the night before & help 3 arcturians with breathing issues & one reptilian. The reptilian had a lesion on his face that was cancerous from human experimentation that she had to prepare for removal. If she had totally removed it; the staff would have been suspicious & interfere with the rescue. The arcturians have problems breathing on earth so they apply a creme all over their bodies to help; so, my friend arrived with the creme & applied it to them. She rigged the door locks so we could get out the next night.

We planned the rescue at 4:00 in the morning; which was 2:00 there.

Change in plans! 2 more arcturians were added for us to rescue & they were in the back room that was locked. They were healthy because they had just been recently caught.

The plan was that my friend would enter & get them all into one room & then my pilot Monto & I will beam them up into the spaceship. My friend refuses to fly so she does the ground work.

She entered & started at the back unlocking the door for the arcturians. She was successful! She moved them quickly to the room on the front right where the reptilian was located. She then proceeded to get another arcturian in a room by himself & took him to the same room.

Then she went for the 2 arcturians with breathing issues. They were weak & they were sisters. One reached out for my friend's hand for help; she was so weak. My friend & the sister helped her up & into the front room.

My friend let me know they were ready. She used her magnets on each of them, so we could beam them up.

It looked like 6 shooting stars traveling through the night arriving on the spaceship. I put the sickest Arcturian on a examining table & put creme all over her body, then she assisted me in putting the creme all over the other Arcturian bodies. They were immediately better & breathing normally. She had finished removing the cancer off the reptilian face ; so I examined it; it looked good.

I told my friend that we were good & took off. She left the facility, safely & went home.

Monto & I took the Reptilian to his space ship & then the Arcturians to theirs. They all were so appreciative & thanked us numerous times.

A successful mission!

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