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Aliens in Antartica

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

There were 5 aliens in Antartica that needed to be rescued. They were being mistreated by this facility. There was an ally that worked the night shift that was going to help. He placed all 5 aliens in one room for us to make it easier & a faster rescue.

When my friend arrived to the facility she found 2 Arcturians, 2 Greys, & 1 Wookie all in one room waiting to escape.

Monto came for me. We went to the spaceship so we could transport the aliens to safety.

My friend used magnets to send each alien up one at a time. Again; they looked like shooting stars traveling through the sky arriving on the spaceship.

We had 3 different rooms set-up on the spaceship for each species. I was attending to the artcurians. One of them wanted to hug me, but I was not sure how safe it would be for us to make that kind of contact. She understood.

We took each group to their specific spaceships. Arcturians were first, then the Wookie, & then the Greys. The Greys ship was quite a distance away & they had to deal with space sickness during their travel.

My friend was back home waiting on us to finish delivering the aliens to find out how they did. It was a success!

I checked on all them the next day & they were all OK; however, the Greys were still struggling from the space travel.

Another successful mission!

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