• Dr. Gail, Starseed

Arrogant Aliens

Monto arrived at 2:00 in the morning needing me to go on a mission with him. I got dressed & followed him to the spaceship where we took off to Colorado. He told me 3 greys had wrecked their spaceship & we were to pick them up & take them to the larger spaceship. Usually we beam them up but we had to land for them. I then assumed they were injured but Monto said no; they were diplomats.

We landed & went down the ramp to see 3 greys about 4 feet tall wearing thermal cloaks to keep them warm. They were mad it had taken us so long to get to arrive. It was 2:00 in the morning!!! They went up the ramp into the spaceship while Monto & I were standing with our hands behind our backs at attention for respect. They did not acknowledge us or look us in the eyes. After they were on board; I told Monto we should have had another emergency so they would have to wait longer. Monto smiled & then we went into the spaceship. One of them did have a small wound on his leg so I cleaned it & then put a small bandage on it.

Another crew flew in & removed everything from the spaceship including electronic equipment. Then they incinerated the spaceship without any smoke or any sign that it had been there.

We flew the Diplomats to the spaceship. When they arrived their were a lot of grey hybrids waiting to assist them. They never thanked us or even acknowledged that we helped them.

Monto & I left, & of course I was still talking about them.

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