• Dr. Gail, Starseed

Clarice (May 27th, 2021)

Updated: Jul 3

One morning an alien arrived named Clarice. She was a grey hybrid (human/grey) but green in coloring, 5’5″, thin, with a human face. She was warm, nice & delightful to be around; however, she was a friend of mine’s guide. Clarice wanted me to introduce the two of them. This was a first; introducing someone to their guide.

I waited until the afternoon to call her. She was very receptive to meeting one of her spirit guides even though she was an alien. She had been abducted by aliens in the past; so I was not sure how this was going to go. I was relieved it was easy, she was very receptive. My new friend had been in the metaphysical world for many years & she was glad to meet another spirit guide. I left the two of them talking & was happy that went so well.

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