• Dr. Gail, Starseed

Frances’s mate Rex & Lester returns (May 19th, 2021)

Another red butterfly with gold tipped wings showed up. This was Frances’s mate. They share duties at home & on the council so I was to meet both of them but not together.

Lester returned & wanted to go to my friend’s office ( the one that gave me the information on Greys). I called her & asked if it was OK for us to go to her office. She said yes. We arrived & before we entered I asked her again to make sure it was OK. We entered slowly hoping she would not have any adverse reactions to him. She had a little shortness of breath but wanted us to come on in. I was the mediator between Lester & my friend. She had lots of question & he answered them.

The discussion was about Human abductions in the past. They consider this time a very dark part of their history equivalent to slavery in our history. They have not done any abductions in decades.

Lester was glad that we listened & we did not judge him for the Grey’s bad history.

It was nice for him to care about our feelings & we hope he will answer more questions in the future.

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