• Dr. Gail, Starseed

Fred of the F -Troop

I was asked to go back to the Nevada/Arizona border & pick up an alien. This time I was prepared to ask if they were a scout or one that needs help.

As I arrived I could see a grey hybrid waiting in the bushes but he could not see me because my spaceship was invisible. I landed; became visible & lowered the ramp. I went out to greet him but he was already halfway up the ramp.

He was very friendly & his name was Fred. He was about 5'8" thin, camouflage coloring, no hair or external genitals so he did wear any clothes. He had a metal band diagonally across his chest with bullets in it. The bullets made me feel a little uneasy but he was so warm & friendly I started to relax.

He was very talkative & told me about the F- Troop. They are part of the grey hybrid military & their are 3 in each scout group.

Their names: Frank, Fred & Frances. They are chosen to be scouts because of their skills & coloring. He said he can move around without being noticed & if they see him, they think he is part of the US military. He also said he was bald while patting his head & glad that it was in style now & then laughed.

I offered him a blanket but he did want it.

I took Fred to the large spaceship & then I returned home.

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