• Dr. Gail, Starseed

Monto (May 17th 2021)

Monto took me from my living room again to the spaceship & then took me out into space where we floated around. We did not have any apparatus on, we were just able to float & move around the spaceship. There were 3 aliens (they all looked like Monto) staring out the front of the spaceship watching us. I think they were watching my reaction to being out in space. I loved it & could not contain my excitement. That was so much Fun!!!!! I could tell that something was going on in the spaceship that Monto had to take care of. He asked me If I was OK for him to leave for a few minutes. Of course I said yes; I did not want to go in yet. Monto turned into a bright light & disappeared while the 3 other aliens were still watching me. Monto came back in just a few minutes & then took me to an earth family to observe. They did not know we were there & I am not sure why we did that. Then we went back into space to look at the stars, earth, spaceship, etc. I will never forget this experience. I think they also enjoyed watching my 1st time reaction. He took me back home & I thanked him for such a great experience. I think this was another orientation.

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