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Tarot Readers (May 31st, 2021)

Updated: Jul 3

In the beginning of my journey I sought ought advice from Tarot readers. This was new to me; the spiritual world, but I needed help understanding my spiritual awakening. The first Tarot reader I contacted was Dianne at Dianne’s Tarot and she helped me understand what was happening. She told me that I was Arcturian & sat on the Federation Counsel & all the aliens I was meeting were my friends on the counsel. She helped me sooooo much; but she became very busy with readings (good for her) & her Youtube channel she was not as available as much as I needed her. I do still sign up for readings from her but now it takes about 4-6 months to get a reading.

Then Andrea from Lilac Lantern was new on YouTube. I decided to try her for a reading. She was great & I really liked her homemade cards. One reading I did not understand; why I had an alien as a spirit guide (MatKy my 1st alien appearance). She said why not? Aliens’ can be guides. She confirmed it with her cards.

At this stage I was still asking questions about career, love life, family, moving, etc. with Andrea. Then I realized that more was happening & I needed to start asking more questions related to aliens. So, I asked Andrea if she knew anybody that was dealing with aliens. She connected me with another person who had been abducted & had been in the metaphysical world for 40 years.

Her name was xxx (not her real name) & we started communicating by phone calls & text. The next alien adventures will include my new friend because she was a great asset in my growth related to aliens.

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